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Posts tagged: Anti aging

We Hear All Kinds of Crazy Claims in the Beauty Industry, But This One is the Craziest

Here's why we always talk about 'activating' telomerase, not adding it to our products.

Irrefutably, telomeres can be re-lengthened. You Just Have To Unlock The Door!

At the end of the day if you want to, stay youthful, create younger skin, what you must focus on is telomere length.

Can You relate With Felicity?

Felicity felt like the skin and appearance of her face was making her look older than she was.

Do Telomerase Activators Regrow Hair?

A recent email from one of our customers took us a bit by surprise when she told us the results she was getting from One Truth 818 Atomiser.

Are Tumeric Supplements Good For You?

Many companies throw away the non-curcumin parts of Turmeric, but they are making a big mistake - watch this space!

Won’t a cure for ageing mean massive over-population?

What new population projections show is that one of the biggest threats to humanity is population collapse.

We've Gone Green - New High Potency VEGAN OMEGAS

There are so many meta-analysised and long term, large studies proving that the higher your Omega intake the longer your telomeres. For years I’ve been recommending you up your DHA intake for this very reason.  It’s easy to take as a supplement (or to increase in your diet) and to me, the...

Why do we age?

The REAL answer is a biological clock that ticks inside every single cell in our body, in a region called the Telomere.

Rachael’s Tips for Combatting The Effects of Gravity

Gravity is a scientific fact. So when did it become something negative?  I’m talking about ageing – and noticing gravity in all sorts of different ways!

New Study Shows Longer Telomeres Makes You Look Younger

A recent study by Biobank UK found that there is a direct correlation between Telomere length and a more youthful appearance.

Rachael shares the secret that big cosmetic companies don't want you to know

Are you sick of product companies constantly trying to grab your attention (and dollars!) with flashy claims about what miracles their ‘anti-ageing’ products will perform? Upon investigation you probably come up with one of three verdicts: It has the same active ingredients as so many others on the market –...