Irrefutably, telomeres can be re-lengthened. You Just Have To Unlock The Door!

Irrefutably,  telomeres can be re-lengthened!

That's why when Dr Bill Andrews discovered the telomerase gene that can produce the enzyme telomerase 'Popular Science' magazine hailed it as the greatest discovery since antibiotics and called Dr Andrews, The Man Who Would Stop Time.

You know that every time a cell divides the telomeres shorten.  When they are approx 5000 base pairs in length the telomere can no longer divide and the cell dies (senescence, zombie cell)


When activated, the telomerase gene expresses the enzyme, telomerase, which can make its way to the telomere where it will add length back to the telomere as if the ageing process never occurred!

Some remarkable things about telomerase:

  • Your reproductive organs already express telomerase freely as the gene is not repressed in these organs.
  • This immortal capability that is within your reproductive cells is also within every cell in your body, but it is blocked. All you need to do is activate it.
  • When activated Telomerase preferentially lengthens the shortest telomeres first, therefore repairing those most in need, isn't that clever?
  • It is impossible for your telomeres to become 'too long.'
  • Virtually every disease known to humankind has been linked back to short or critically short telomeres.

You've heard of TAM-818 by now, the world's strongest 'telomerase activator' and the active ingredient in our Scientific Skincare, One Truth 818.  So just how does TAM-818 switch on the telomerase gene?  The broadest of explanations is this - the repressor, or block that is stopping the gene from expressing telomerase enzyme is 'attracted' to TAM-818.  Imagine a door opening because it is attracted to the object next to it and whatever was behind that door coming out as it pleases.  These cells can now act like your reproductive cells already do and repair and relengthen telomeres as if ageing never occured.  This is the proven ability of TAM-818 and what places it in the field of 'epi-genetics'.

The longer your telomeres the younger your cells

At the end of the day if you want to live longer, stay youthful, create younger skin, what you must focus on is the length of your telomeres.  The antioxidants, the vitamins, the all comes back to this - telomere shortening, the root of ageing.

I want to activate telomerase in every single cell of my body - don't you?

This is precisely what Dr Andrews is focussed on doing and why my company contributes to Sierra Sciences through the sales of One Truth 818.  Don't get me wrong, I love that TAM-818 can reverse the ageing of my skin - it's marvellous!  But I'd like to have younger cells everywhere!  Currently gene therapies are in trial stages to achieve this goal and with enough funding the next step will be a pharmaceutical pill that will result in longer telomeres, a longer 'health longevity' and less disease - hurrah!

Until then, rest assured, the science is real and your lack of wrinkles from using One Truth 818 is helping contribute to the research that could directly eradicate Alzheimer's, heart disease, cancer and macular degeneration just to hame a few.