Our People

Rachael D’Aguiar - Co-founder and Director

Rachael is an inspiring leader in the field of anti-ageing and skin science and creator of the One Truth 818 Scientific Skincare and Supplement range. A New Zealand beauty industry expert of over 25 years with an International CIBTAC qualification and Diploma in Health Sciences, in 2011 she procured the exclusive rights to the world’s strongest Telomerase Activating Molecule known today as TAM-818, and pioneered a new field of epi-genetic skincare. She was also years ahead of the trend towards skinimalism offering customers more effective products, less complicated regimes and less packaging!

For this work she was nominated as a finalist in the Pandora NZ Business Woman of the Year Award in 2016.

Education has always been a big focus for Rachael and she is passionate about sharing the science behind her products and the truth about ageing. She regularly presents on TV shopping networks around the world where the viewers adore Rachael’s honesty and knowledge as well as appearing at scientific conferences, podcasts and webinars.

Rachael is a mother of 2 gorgeous daughters and a fabulous wife to husband and business partner Chris.

Did you know?

Before opening up her own beauty clinic in the 1990’s, Rachael got a Diploma in Acting and went on to appear in local drama’s such as Shortland Street, Homeward Bound and Mercy Peak as well as being the ‘voice of’ the largest book retailer in NZ and also a Huggies mum.

Chris Sanders

Chris Sanders - Co-Founder & Marketing Director

Chris is the co-founder and creator of the One Truth 818 brand. Known affectionately by his wife and co-founder Rachael as the “glue” behind the business, Chris looks after all the behind the scenes running of One Truth 818 from head of marketing to managing the warehouse team. He is the creative mind and rarely an hour passes without him saying “I have an idea!”

Having initially come from the Tourism industry with a degree in business, Chris’ love for the beauty industry began when he joined Rachael in her hair and beauty salon business, and the enjoyment he got from seeing women and men feeling better about themselves after a bit of selfcare. After selling their salon, Chris went on to help mentor over 400 salon and beauty clinic owners to grow their businesses around New Zealand, Australia and the UK.

Did you know?

Chris is an award winning musician, author of six children’s books and has written 2 musicals. In 2020 he was a winner at the International songwriting competition and a finalist for a Tui Award, NZ’s highest musical achievement. He uses his musical ability to support several children’s charities and received an NZ Honour from the NZ Governor General in December 2019 for Charitable services through literature and music to St John Ambulance - ‘The Order of St John Priory Vote of Thanks.’

Dr. Bill Andrews

Dr. Bill Andrews PhD. - Scientific Advisor & Researcher

Dr. Bill Andrews has a PhD in Molecular Genetics and Evolution and is the Founder and President of biotech company Sierra Sciences in Reno Nevada. He has spent the last 30 years researching ageing and is credited with the discovery of the human telomerase gene and duly named enzyme that when switched on, re-lengthens the telomere at the tip of the chromosome, reversing the ageing process.

A named inventor on 50 US-issued patents on telomerase, Dr Andrews research focuses on finding compounds that will allow our genes to naturally express telomerase. Of over 350,000 compounds screened for telomerase activation by Dr. Andrews company approximately 900 hits have been found, with the strongest being the 314,818th molecule screened, known today as TAM-818 and licenced exclusively to Rachael and Chris at One Truth 818.

An author of 2 books, Dr. Andrews is also a renowned cancer researcher and was awarded 2nd place USA inventor of the year for his work.

Did you know?

Even now in his 70’s, Dr. Bill Andrews frequently partakes in Ultra Marathons! Along with the discovery of the telomerase gene and enzyme, he was also one of the inventors of HGH (Human Growth Hormone), thrombomdulin, imetelstat, BetaSeron and many more.