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Real People. Real Results.

Katherine Kennard

Actress and model Katherine Kennard shares why she LOVES One Truth 818 so much and why it has been her go-to skincare product for more than 8 years!   

Dr. Steven Gabriel

I believe that the One Truth products are the most amazing anti-ageing products that you can use. Almost every patient in my clinic uses One Truth 818.

Sara Wiseman

“An exceptional, scientifically proven product, created by a morally and ethically sound boutique company who authentically want the best skincare regime that works, for their clients. And did I mention? No animal testing. Bravo One Truth 818.” —Sara Wiseman


“I've really enjoyed using 818 and am confident that it is making my skin younger (it has a massive job ahead). My skin has been so fresh and plump that I'm always surprised that I'm not younger when I look in the mirror! Another side project I did was also...


“So, so happy with my results from One Truth 818. I was becoming increasingly aware of my forehead lines, I decided to take photos before and after 1 month of using the serum and atomiser.  The results actually shocked me! My forehead lines have reduced massively and my whole face...

Liliana Welsh

“The changes I have noticed in two months since using One Truth 818 are that my skin feels smoother and the texture softer, my pours look and feel smaller. After having my baby one year ago I got quite dark hormonal pigmentation spots under my eyes and on my brow,...


“I have noticed my skin looks a lot softer and my lines are more diminished. Overall my skin feels healthier, a bit dewy and glowing since using One Truth 818.” -Vanessa-  

Wendy Baker

 "I’ve been using One Truth 818 for 8 weeks now and after 3 weeks my husband said I looked more radiant. I have noticed that my wrinkles have disappeared a little bit so I really love the product." -Wendy-  


 "The first week I was trying One Truth 818 my skin felt lovely and soft. After about 1 month my skin firmed up and the colour of my skin, it used to be so grey but it’s livened up a lot more. I am really happy with One Truth 818."...


"After 2 or 3 weeks I started noticing my pores were smaller, the redness on my cheeks diminishing and my skin got brighter and smoother quite quickly. The fine lines on my lips also got smaller. I am very happy and enjoying using One Truth 818." -Angela-  


"The first couple of weeks using One Truth 818 I noticed my hands actually becoming a lot softer from using the product and putting it on and then I noticed my skin becoming a lot softer and smooth. I usually experience dryness being in air conditioning everyday but that was...


"Since I have been using One Truth 818 I have noticed a big difference. It cleared up my acne and the dark rings around my eyes lightened up, so I am really happy! Within 7 days it cleared up my acne and then I unfortunately ran out and went back...

One Truth 818 assigned Abich Laboratories in Italy to perform testing on

One Truth Serum 818

We evaluated its anti-wrinkle efficacy and its capability in improving the skin elasticity and firmness on 100 healthy volunteers aged 36 to 65.

Doctors at Abich Labs used a derma TOP-blue di Eotech in-vivo 3D scanner to provide precise and reproducible measurements of human skin and to ensure reliable and accurate positioning for several skin scanning sessions over a period of 30 days.

After 30 days of twice daily use on 100 volunteers, One Truth Serum demonstrated:

The smoothing of forehead wrinkles by 14.04%, and likewise crow's feet wrinkles smoothed by 11.07%

Skin looked firmer by 20.33% and skin's elasticity visibly improved by 8.33%