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Scientific Skincare That Truly Reverses Ageing

Unleash the Enzymes that Repair DNA Damage

Scientific Skincare

Created from Nobel Prize winning breakthroughs

As time passes by, the Telomeres at the ends of our Chromosomes get shorter. This shortening is what causes us to age.  But there is an enzyme within your genes that can undo the ageing process, all you have to do is activate it.  One Truth 818 is created from Nobel Prize winning breakthroughs, $33 million in research and 11 years of investigation.  Only TAM-818, the active ingredient in One Truth 818 can switch on the telomerase gene to reverse the ageing process.


One Truth 818 is the proven way to reverse the appearance of ageing in your skin.

No exfoliation, no gimmicks. Activate true anti-ageing with One Truth 818 Scientific Skincare.

Skin Firmness improved by an average of 20.33% and Skin Elasticity by 8.33%.

Forehead Wrinkles decreased by 14.04% and Crows feet wrinkles decreased by 11.07%.

Skin Smoothness improved by 12.53% on the forehead and 9.63% in the eye area.

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Cell division is ageing

"When cells divide, our Telomere's shorten and bad things happen when Telomere's get short" - Dr Bill Andrews, President of Sierra Sciences

Telomeres are the end parts of our chromosomes and they are there to protect the vital DNA by essentially losing a piece of your telomere you don’t lose a piece of your DNA. 

The only downside is that telomeres have a limited life and when they get too short they won’t allow that cell to divide anymore and the cell has to die.  The length of your telomere defines how young your cell is and how many more divisions it has left.  If you speed up the cell division process through treatments that damage or ingredients whose aim is to increase cell turnover you are shortening your telomeres and ageing your cells faster.  Not the outcome you were looking for I’ll bet!