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Meet Rachael D’Aguiar

“For years, as a professional skin therapist, I didn’t like the way the industry was heading.  Literally sand-blasting skin off people’s faces in the hope it would ‘look’ nicer.  I could see trusting consumers being duped!  I mean, if your face is inflamed from being pelted of course it’s going to ‘look nicer’, the inflammation has plumped out the wrinkles!  But I knew inflammation started responses within the skin that actually aged it faster, simple science really, and it upset me greatly that people were being lied to and taken advantage of for profits”

- Rachael D’Aguiar, creator of One Truth818.

Our Story

By chance, in 2010 an investor introduced Rachael D’Aguiar to Dr Bill Andrews.  D’Aguiar, a kiwi entrepreneur with a background in anti-ageing and skin and Andrews an award winning microbiologist and President of Sierra Sciences in Reno, Nevada.

Dr Bill Andrews, otherwise known as ‘Dr Telomere’ is world-renown for discovering the human telomerase gene.  When switched on it expresses the enzyme telomerase which has the ability to repair DNA damage and literally un-do the ageing process. This discovery, literally of how to reverse ageing, has been touted as the biggest scientific breakthrough since anti-biotics.

Switching on the Telomerase Gene

Once Dr. Andrews discovered ‘how’ to reverse the ageing process he set about looking for different molecules that could switch this gene on.  His determination saw him test over 350,000 different molecules focussing 11 years study and over $33 million dollars in this quest.  The strongest molecule he discovered, known as a telomerase ‘activator’ had the code name C0314818, being the 314,818th molecule tested!

From here, the story takes an unexpected turn.  The world’s strongest telomerase activator was actually shelved in a cupboard and ignored for several years!  The reason?  It is one of the most expensive ingredients to make and Dr Andrews couldn’t see how he could use it.

C0314818 Gets a New Name

When Dr. Andrews and Rachael started talking, her and her team quickly realised that because of the potency of C0314818 you didn’t have to use too much of it and they could make the most effective topical age reversal product ever created at less than the price of some inferior moisturisers!

The first thing was to get C0314818 ‘skincare ready’ by ensuring it could be delivered deeply into the skin to work its ‘epigenetic’ magic and to lose the not-so-friendly code name!  TAM stands for Telomerase Activating Molecule and the ‘818’ is a nod to it being the 314,818th molecule tested and Bill’s tenacity!

The Clinical Proof

Next was to gather irrefutable proof that it worked! We had all the studies from Sierra Sciences showing how effectively the telomerase gene was switched on when TAM-818 was used on the cells, but we didn’t have a large-scale human study. Given that we were about to pioneer a brand new field of science with ‘topical telomerase activation’ we wanted to leave no room for doubt.  Abich Laboratories and 100 volunteers were recruited for a 30 day trial in Italy.  This study was completely independent and facilitated by doctors. 

The Results Even Surprised Dr. Andrews

The results showed such a significant difference after 30 days that even Dr Andrews and his team were blown away!  Not only could a reduction in wrinkles be measured (and seen!) but also skin lifting and how much elastin the cells had started to produce! Further trials conducted in New Zealand affirmed these results and also how dramatically One Truth 818 could reduce pigmentation and correct sensitive skin.

A telomerase activator like TAM-818, will preferentially work on cells with critically short telomeres first. These critically short telomeres stop cells from functioning properly, from producing collagen and elastin and they can let pigment go haywire. Repairing these telomeres quickly is why most people see results within 3-4 weeks of using One Truth 818.

Topical Telomerase Pioneer

Rachael is known as the pioneer of topical telomerase activation, conducting these independent clinical trials which are still some of the most comprehensive testing ever done on a skincare product.

She created One Truth 818 Scientific Skincare brand which contains TAM-818, the most powerful Telomerase Activating Molecule ever discovered. This product has no other competitors and is proven more than 300 x stronger than any other anti-ageing ingredient on the market.

Dr Bill Andrews continues his quest to cure ageing and age-related diseases as well as speaking internationally on telomeres.  His research company receives royalties from every sale of One Truth 818 with TAM-818 so we can support this vital research.