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We age as our Telomeres shorten.

Experts in ageing will agree that the current anti-ageing treatments available actually have little to do with ANTI-ageing. At best, they make your skin 'look' smoother and plumper for a short time but many do this by damaging the skin, causing inflammation to make the skin feel plump. And popular ‘anti-ageing’ services to blast or melt away the skin actually promote ageing and thinning of the skin – not the effect you were after!

Chances are you are ageing your skin faster without even realising it.

So what exactly is ageing?

The REAL answer lies in Nobel Prize winning research. A clock that ticks inside every single dividing cell of our bodies, in a region called the Telomere at the tips of our chromosomes. 

Telomeres are the “end part” of our chromosomes and when they were discovered in the 1930’s scientists thought they just looked like ‘tails’ on the end of our DNA.

What they didn’t know then was that the telomere was the “clock” of ageing that ticks inside every dividing cell of the human body, and in learning how to wind that clock backwards lays the answer to youth.

You see, every time our cells divide, our telomeres get a little shorter, and every time they shorten, our cells age. When the telomeres get down to a certain length (approx. 5000 base pairs) the cell can no longer divide and it dies of old age. 

That’s the central cause of ageing. In a nutshell, cell division = ageing

Now think about all the products in your drawer that claim to:

Increase cellular turnover!

Reveal fresh, new skin!

Bring young cells to the surface!

You guessed it - ALL of these products are ageing you faster by speeding up the shortening of your telomeres.

Cells with critically short telomeres are not able to function properly. In terms of appearance, they cannot produce collagen or elastin, they may be weak and extra sensitive perhaps causing capillaries to break and they may not be in control of melanin production and cause pigmentation issues. Critically short telomeres are unable to function in a healthy, youthful way.

Simply by keeping telomeres long you could avoid a myriad of ageing problems.  The longer your telomeres the younger the cell.

But can we reverse a biological process?

In 1998 Dr Bill Andrews discovered the long alluded mechanism to age reversal, the human telomerase gene.  

Many experts in the medical field called this gene the biggest discovery since antibiotics. 

Dr Andrews discovered that within the telomerase gene there is a receptor block.  However when activated it can express an enzyme (telomerase) which re-lengthens the telomere.  By re-lengthening the telomere it is as if it had never shortened in the first place – as if ageing never occurred!  He was watching the reversal of ageing happening right before his eyes! He worked out how to turn back the clock of ageing using the telomere, the true cause of ageing.  It was the breakthrough that anti-ageing researchers had been waiting for.

So given the effects of telomerase, can we just take telomerase as a dietary supplement to reverse the ageing process and extend our lifespans? Unfortunately, the answer is no: telomerase doesn’t work that way. It doesn’t survive human digestion, and ingested telomerase never enters the bloodstream. Even if it were introduced directly into the bloodstream, telomerase does not and cannot penetrate a cell membrane. It is produced, used, and consumed, all within a single cell.

So how can we use this discovery?

Imagine discovering the true answer to age reversal only to find it is blocked!

For over 11 years Dr Bill Andrews research company Sierra Sciences invested $33 million dollars in to Telomere research and screened over 350,000 compounds in their search for the strongest active ingredients to switch on the telomerase gene within our cells by coaxing the repressor away from the telomerase gene.  They found some natural telomerase activators, such as those used in our Telomere supplement, Repair, but the strongest telomerase activator by far is a molecule known as TAM-818, created by Dr Andrews and enhanced for cosmetic use by Rachael D'Aguiar.

TAM stands for Telomerase Activating Molecule and the ‘818’ is a nick-name because this was the 314,818th molecule that Sierra Sciences screened.  When viewed in a petri dish with human fibroblast cells and run through their state of the art testing equipment, the Scientific Team were astounded to see that TAM-818 was at least 300 x stronger than any other molecule they’d seen!

To this day TAM-818 is still the strongest telomerase activator of any discovered by at least 300 times.

This is ground-breaking technology, so we tested more and more….

After One Truth 818 licensed TAM-818 we needed to test it in a topical study and on real live humans, not just human cells in a petri dish (although those studies were very compelling!)

Our serum was formulated and sent to Abich Laboratories in Italy for Independent testing on 100 volunteers.  As the pioneers of the field of topical telomerase activation we needed irrefutable proof that our technology worked and to show that for years the world of ‘anti-ageing skincare’ had been telling it’s customers the wrong information.  Speeding up cell division IS ageing you faster, keeping telomeres as long as possible for as long as possible IS the answer to slowing down and even reversing ageing!

The doctors at Abich Labs research backed this up.

After just 30 days of twice daily use on 100 volunteers, One Truth Serum with TAM-818 demonstrated:

The smoothing of forehead wrinkles by 14.04%, and likewise crow’s feet wrinkles smoothed by 11.07%

Skin looked firmer by 20.33% and skin’s elasticity visibly improved by 8.33%

Nothing else in the industry comes close to these results unless the product is stripping away the surface of your skin to measure fresh skin underneath as the ‘after’ measurement and thus the trade off of this temporary ‘result’ is to age your skin faster long-term. 

Now that you understand the ageing process I’m sure this is a price you won’t be willing to pay anymore!

Why keep Telomere's long?

You now know that as cells divide telomeres shorten.  They continue to shorten until they are so short that the cell cannot divide further and that cell dies (becomes a senescent cell).  Having an abundance of senescent cells can wreak havoc on your health and the surrounding cells (encouraging them to also malfunction!) and having an abundance of cells with critically short telomeres is also not a good situation.  As Dr Bill Andrews so succinctly says – “bad things happen when telomeres get short!”

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