One Truth 818 Becoming a UK Success Story - Here's Why...

1 year on from launching on UK TV Home Shopping Network TJC, One Truth 818 has continued to go from strength to strength.  In early February this year, creator Rachael D'Aguiar appeared live in-studio (normally appears by video link from New Zealand) filming 3 live shows.  During that time Rachael smashed all the channels records. 

Whereas breaking sales records is great and something to be proud of, what is of more importance to Rachael is that more and more people now understand the true cause of ageing and how to prevent accidental ageing.  Getting the message out to the masses has been a bugbear of Rachaels, but now it seems the message is starting to get out. 

Check out this short video 'courtesy of TJC' which explains why we age and how to prevent speeding it up unnecessarily!

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Rachael D'Aguiar is a beauty industry expert of over 20 years. Her career has seen her awarded numerous accolades including being nominated New Zealand Business Woman of the Year.