Epi-genetic Breakthroughs

We’ve already spent some time talking about the Skincare Industry inflicted causes of ASA (Accelerated Skin Ageing). Anything they are selling you that speeds up cell division and cell turnover or that is causing damage to your skin speeds up ASA and ages you faster.

Rather obviously the first thing you need to do is to Stop causing ASA. 
Great news, it's FREE!  It will probably even save you money!

Knowing what you do now – have you accidentally been ageing your skin faster?

Skincare companies have known for more than 70 years that speeding up cell division is ageing you faster, yet they have continued to sell products that melt, blast, inflame and scrape away the surface of your skin. One Truth 818 is so different.



We help people who have been accidentally ageing their skin faster to undo the damage and learn how to prevent it so that you can make educated choices about your skin and have the youthful appearance you deserve.

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Independent Clinical Trials

Telomere Technology

Vegan and Cruelty-Free

Shipped Worldwide

Celebrity Fans


Cath Tyldesley

UK Actress

“The difference that I've noticed with these products, I can't compare it to anything else.

It's absolutely standout and so many other people in the industry have noticed a difference in my skin. 

It's been the only product actually so far that I've really noticed the skin tighten with."


Kavita Channe,

USA entrepreneur and TV personality

"Overall, since I’ve been using these products for the last few months I’ve been getting so many compliments on my skin. I actually wear less make up - and THAT is the goal.”


Carol Vorderman

UK Presenter

"I use One Truth 818.  It's made in New Zealand and has an anti-ageing molecule in it.  It's a wonderful moisturizer...love a bit of science"


Sara Wiseman

NZ/Australia Actress

"An exceptional, scientifically proven product, created by a morally and ethically sound boutique company who authentically want the best skincare regime that works for their clients. And did I mention? No animal testing. Bravo One Truth 818."


Rose McIver

LA Actress

"Incredible science backed skincare. Luxurious!  Thank you One Truth 818"



2 x Emmy Award Winning Journalist

"My skin is much better now than it has been in years when I used every kind of product- from serum to cream for the face, for the neck, for expression lines next to the eyes, laser, freezing my face with toxins, and more! I spent a ton of  money but I still wasn’t happy with how my skin looked, especially the skin on my neck, with which I have suffered for YEARS. 
I wish I had discovered One Truth 818 earlier because it has changed my life."

The Clinical Proof

After just 30 days of twice daily use on 100 volunteers, One Truth 818 with TAM-818 demonstrated:

The Clinical Proof
  • The smoothing of forehead wrinkles by 14.04%
  • Crow’s feet wrinkles smoothed by 11.07%
  • Skin firmness improved by 20.33%
  • Skin elasticity improved by 8.33%
  • Skin smoothness improved by 9.63% in the eye area
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Proven to be non-toxic
  • Non-sensitizing
  • Non-irritating
  • Non-mutagenic

Independently tested by Abich Laboratories in Italy.


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Ester – 38 years

“My forehead lines have diminished so much – I’m hooked on One Truth 818.”


Abich Clinical Trial
Results showed skin firmness improved by 20.33% in just 30 days.


Abich Clinical Trial
Results showed skin smoothness improved by 12.53% in forehead area in just 30 days.


Abich Clinical Trial
Results showed a decrease in crows feet wrinkles by 11.07% in 30 days.


Shelley – 45 years

"With my up and coming wedding I was considering laser, but I am so glad I didn’t! One Truth 818 results have been amazing and I feel so much more confident."


Felicity – 65 years

“My fine lines have disappeared and my skin is firmer. I’m loving all the compliments.”

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Love the One 818 products. I’ve been using them for probably 6 years. I’m 74 but my face and neck skin is soft, firm and glowy ( is glowy a word? ).
 I use both the cream and atomizer daily. Love these products!

- Marcia Bordelon

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"I am now on to my third bottle of One Truth 818 Serum which in itself is a miracle as I am a bit of a skin care junkie flitting from brand to brand in search of the holy grail - the product that delivers what it says it will - it works! My skin looks fresher and brighter and my lines and wrinkles are very noticeably softer and less visible. As I am 70 this truly a miracle product and one that I shall continue to purchase."

- Mary Binks

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I'm a skincare pro and this is GAME CHANGING "I use this product DAILY. Whether it's on myself (my face, neck, chest, breasts, belly), or my clients while administering skincare, it has made a huge difference for me! For my clients, I incorporate it into treatments and they HEAL faster and get better results. Everyone loves it. Oh! And before the serum, it's great because it just makes the serum go on SO smoothly! 100% recommend."

- Rachael Levy

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Scientifically Proven Skincare

Nobel Prize winning breakthroughs show the root cause of all ageing is Telomere Shortening. TAM-818 activates the enzyme, Telomerase, within your DNA which re-lengthens Telomeres and reverses the ageing process.

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Rachael D'Aguiar is an exceptional leader in the anti-ageing and cosmetics industry, renowned for her groundbreaking work in educating the beauty industry and transforming the perception of ageing. As the creator of the highly acclaimed One Truth 818 brand, Rachael has solidified her position as a pioneering force in the field.

With over 20 years of expertise in the New Zealand beauty industry, Rachael's commitment to education has always been at the forefront. In 2011, she acquired the exclusive rights to TAM-818, the world's most potent Telomerase Activating Molecule, from esteemed micro-biologist Dr. Bill Andrews at Sierra Sciences in Nevada. Rachael then conducted extensive clinical trials on a topical telomerase activating skincare at Abich Labs in Italy, revolutionizing the field of epi-genetic skincare.

Rachael initially launched the brand through high-end skincare clinics in New Zealand, Australia, and Scandinavia in 2014, later in February 2020, Rachael took a bold step and launched One Truth 818 on Channel 7 Australia's Openshop Network. Despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, she adapted by beaming in live to the Sydney studio from her home office in New Zealand. The initial one-hour show shattered sales records and cemented One Truth 818 as the top-selling brand on Openshop.
Building on this success, Rachael executed a strategic plan to expand the brand's presence on shopping networks worldwide. In October 2021, One Truth 818 launched on the UK TV shopping network TJC, instantly becoming the network's best-selling skincare line. Rachael continues to captivate audiences with her live appearances on air, showcasing her unwavering passion and in-depth knowledge.

Beyond her professional achievements, Rachael is a devoted mother of two daughters and a loving wife. Despite her accomplishments, she remains remarkably humble. Her authenticity shines through when she presents on TV, and customers are drawn to her honesty and expertise. Regularly receiving messages of gratitude and admiration, Rachael has instilled newfound confidence in countless individuals by improving their skin and overall well-being.

Rachael D'Aguiar's tireless dedication, pioneering spirit, and commitment to educating the beauty industry make her an inspiring leader at the forefront of her field. She has redefined the conversation surrounding ageing and has become a trusted advocate for the transformative power of science-backed skincare.