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Discover the scientifically proven benefits of TAM-818, found only in One Truth 818

Real People, Real Results. Independently Tested. Scientifically Proven.

Made in New Zealand – Loved all over the world!


The Truth About Ageing

Most products on the market make your skin look smoother and plumper for a short time, but they damage the skin in the process. How? They cause inflammation to make the skin feel and look plump but in the process accelerate ageing through increased cell division. Every time a cell divides the telomeres on the ends of your DNA, shorten. As they shorten your cells age. Cells have a pre-programmed number of possible divisions before they die.

Now think of all the products in your cupboard that claim to:

  • Increase cellular turnover!
  • Reveal fresh, new skin!
  • Bring young cells to the surface!

You guessed it - ALL of these products are ageing you faster by speeding up the shortening of your telomeres.
Skincare companies have known for more than 70 years that speeding up cell division is ageing you faster, yet they have continued to sell products that melt, blast and scrape away the surface of your skin.

Activate Telomerase for Youthful Skin

Okay, so we know that as cells divide, our telomeres get shorter – but is there a way to keep them long and even lengthen them?
The answer is YES!

There is an enzyme called Telomerase within your genes that can undo the ageing process – but there is a block (a repressor) on the gene stopping it from expressing. All you have to do is activate it!

ONE TRUTH 818 is changing the face of the skincare industry forever through TAM (Telomerase Activating Molecule) technology. The TAM-818 molecule is attracted to the repressor on the gene and helps dislodge it, allowing the gene to express the telomerase enzyme naturally and relengthen the telomere.

Simplify your skincare routine and save money

Before and after

Can’t wait to start seeing the results from One Truth 818? Then try it today!

One Truth 818 Anti-Ageing Serum (50ml)

A light, cooling gel with a velvety feel that absorbs almost instantly into the skin.
Containing TAM-818, the world’s most potent and unique telomerase activating ingredient which has the power to re-lengthen telomeres and un-do ageing at a cellular level.

One Truth 818 Atomiser (50ml)

Oil-free hydrating spray formula to reverse the signs of ageing, naturally.

Contains TAM-818 in the same strength as the Serum. Use throughout the day, even over mineral makeup. Activating telomerase more regularly will yield a faster result.

“This face serum is great, it’s seems an awful lot of money to spend on a face serum, BUT isn’t really as it works as a serum, face cream, eye cream neck and Dec cream, so there is no need to buy many creams when 1 serum does the job of many creams. My face feels soft and moisturised and I am really seeing an improvement in under two week of using this serum, I have ordered 2 more as I don’t want to be without it …ever!!”

- Wendy, United Kingdom

“I've really enjoyed using 818 and am confident that it is making my skin younger. My skin has been so fresh and plump. Another side project I did was also applying to the back of my hands.I'm always looking at them and they were looking dry, wrinkled and getting many brown age spots, they are looking very noticeably smoother an feel softer. I'm very happy with the results.”

– Felicity, New Zealand

I started using the serum beginning of October every morning and evening. I have just finished my first bottle of 818 - the results have been amazing! I honestly can't believe the difference, so much so I bought another serum and the atomiser. My skin is clear, more youthful, tighter and I have no wrinkles. I am one very happy customer”

– Vicky, United Kingdom