Epi-genetic Breakthroughs

Most products on the market make your skin look smoother and plumper for a short time, but they damage the skin in the process.


There’s 2 popular ways the skin care industry is duping you with damaging products.

1. Their products/treatments cause inflammation. This makes the skin feel and look plump, but in the process releases enzymes that decrease collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid in your skin.  And the way skin heals is through cell division, so your skin gets busy making more and more skin cells to replace the damaged ones. (keep reading to find out why this is such a bad thing!)

2. Their products are specifically designed to increase cell turnover.  You’ve heard it before ‘replenish skin faster’, ‘bring new skin to the surface’.

The problem is, that every time a cell divides the telomeres on the ends of your DNA, shorten. As they shorten your cell's age. Cells have a pre-programmed number of possible divisions before they die.

Now think of all the products in your cupboard that claim to:

Increase cellular turnover!


Reveal fresh, new skin!


Bring young cells to the surface!

You guessed it - ALL of these products are ageing you faster by speeding up the shortening of your telomeres.

Skincare companies have known for more than 70 years that speeding up cell division is ageing you faster, yet they have continued to sell products that melt, blast, inflame and scrape away the surface of your skin.

One Truth 818 is so different.
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This miracle science doesn’t just make my skin look younger (although it does) it makes my cells biologically younger!

The answer was discovered not by a skincare company but by a renown anti-ageing molecular telomere biologist, Dr Bill Andrews PhD. He was searching for a way to eradicate age related illnesses when he came across the answer to skin ageing.”


Independent Clinical Trials

Telomere Technology

Vegan and Cruelty-Free

Shipped Worldwide



Ester – 38 years
“My forehead lines have diminished so much – I’m hooked on One Truth 818.”


Felicity – 65 years
“My fine lines have disappeared and my skin is firmer. I’m loving all the


Abich Clinical Trial
Results showed a decrease in crows feet wrinkles by 11.07% in 30 days.


Abich Clinical Trial
Results showed skin smoothness improved by 12.53% in forehead area in just 30


Abich Clinical Trial
Results showed skin firmness improved by 20.33% in just 30 days.

The Clinical Proof

After just 30 days of twice daily use on 100 volunteers, One Truth 818 with TAM-818 demonstrated:

The Clinical Proof
  • The smoothing of forehead wrinkles by 14.04%
  • Crow’s feet wrinkles smoothed by 11.07%
  • Skin firmness improved by 20.33%
  • Skin elasticity improved by 8.33%
  • Skin smoothness improved by 9.63% in the eye area
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Proven to be non-toxic
  • Non-sensitizing
  • Non-irritating
  • Non-mutagenic

Independently tested by Abich Laboratories in Italy.


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Miracle Product!

“The serum and the atomiser have dramatically changed my skin for the better! Easily absorbed it makes my skin feel and look years younger. Would highly recommend to anyone.”

- Helen Lang

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Changed my life!

“I’m in my 50s and using One Truth 818 it has changed the look of my face, it’s no longer dehydrated and it’s looking plumped and rehydrated.”

- Lisa Mccoll

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Best serum ever made!

“Love the One Truth 818 product. I’ve been using them for 6 years. I’m 74 but my face and neck skin is soft, firm and glowing!”

- Marcia Bordelon

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Amazing Serum

“I have been using One Truth 818 for 3 years now and have noticed a remarkable difference in the look of my skin. I can’t go without using it every morning”

- Vicki Kotrolos

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“The clinical proof is what made me decide to try it.

The results are why I’ll never stop!”

Want Younger Skin?

Scientifically Proven Skincare

Nobel Prize winning breakthroughs show the root cause of all ageing is Telomere Shortening. TAM-818 activates the enzyme, Telomerase, within your DNA which re-lengthens Telomeres and reverses the ageing process.



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